Tip Before Car Sale – Keep It In Good Condition From Day One!

Already from the day you buy a car, you should start preparing for it to be resold one day.

And it applies whether it is a new or used car, you have become the happy owner of.

As an owner you have the opportunity to interact with the car’s total sales later.

The better your car is capable, when it will be resold, the more money you will be able to get.

Therefore, you should not think of maintenance as a cost, but as an investment.

Therefore, you should not think of maintenance as a cost, but as an investment.

You may not get all the money back when you sell, but one thing is certain: A poorly maintained car will always have a significantly lower selling price than a well-maintained one.

Keep your car properly

Obey your service. If you consistently follow the instructions in the car’s manual, the car will drive better, longer and eventually give you a better selling price.

In the Norwegian climate, they cannot ignore the fact that rust protects their car if you want it to retain its resale value as best as possible.

Store in the garage


It is something special to get to know a brand new car. And if the cabin looks extreme, smells straight and not least, which is clean, you will definitely stand up better than the buyer.

If you make a crack in the substance of one of the seats, it is to have it repaired immediately.

While you may not be used to handling a needle and thread, it is not much more difficult than using other tools.

If a crack in the car is not stopped immediately, it can develop and give the car a worn out, the appearance of the interior is used, and it does not appeal to a buyer.

There are a plethora of pre-notification products in the market for maintenance of the car’s interior. Try it out.

Yes, the look is important
There are those who believe that first impressions are the most important, and it certainly will not be misplaced.

Keeping their car coat of white paint should be obvious.


Not washing their car before putting it up for sale is downright stupid, (though professional buyers will argue that the kind of cheap trick that doesn’t work for them shouldn’t be the great psychologist to know that packaging sells – of course it does.)

Damage to the paint must be repaired as soon as possible. And it should be done by professionals so that the color fits in with the rest of the car, which will not “rest” and so on.

The advice you don’t follow: Run well

To beat the red zone revolution just after the start of a cold winter morning, to provoke screeching in a bend on dirt roads or whatever else the fun play on fresh motorists is not healthy for your car.

If you treat the car like a race, you know it costs when you join it again.

It can be seen on a car when it was pressed too hard for too long.

People who drive well and keep their cars in tip top condition will always get the best price when selling the car again. While those of us who are cut corners in connection with repairs, cleaning and responsible driving, end up driving our cars right in the ditch.

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